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Just a decade or two ago, concept of tenant screening was absolutely unknown in Pakistan. Most of the properties were given on rent to people merely on their appearance and usually it worked out well. Deals were sealed just through a hand shake and signing of a simple tenancy agreement. Today, however, things have totally changed and a hand shake no longer has any credibility. Elements that have crept into the society are not only dangerous for the landlord but could be extremely lethal for the neighborhood and society on the whole.  There are reported cases where properties have been hired on rent by innocent looking ordinary people but were used for storing explosives, harboring terrorists, illegal and immoral activities etc. Due to Pakistan’s porous border in the west, problem of infiltration of illegal migrants remains unsolved. These people along with other such elements look for properties in posh areas where they can simply amalgamate into the society and become untraceable.

We realize that your property could be what your old age dependency rests upon. In Pakistan, many elderly people depend on the income through the rents collected from their property. Fact Finders provide complete tenant screening services to landlords and property managers through due diligence. Our team correctly analyzes and assesses the tenant worthiness, background, any criminal record available with police, any information about eviction in the past, verify the CNIC from NADRA. Fact Finders may also provide services by contacting any of the previous landlords and obtain information by asking questions about tenant’s rental history; information about their behavior as a tenant;  any damage caused to the property or whether they left the fixtures in a satisfactory state or otherwise? Did they deposit the rent on time? Or may contact the employer of the tenant to verify if their job was stable and were they financially sound and suitable enough to take your property on rent?

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